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What’s New in Pixel Gun 3D Game Version 21.0

People nowadays have been taken by pixel-like games like Pixel Gun 3D and Minecraft by storm. The developer was so great that almost everyone has been playing the game for a long time now. As such, games like that rose and have a pretty good number of fans for each title. However, Pixel Gun 3D still remains one of the most formidable ones. It is a popular blocky type of shooting action game. Moreover, it has a single campaign and multiplayer modes that can be played online.

In the single-player mode, it is based on a farmer who wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The farmer then ventures and finds out how this came to be. This campaign can be played without an internet connection. Moreover, you can find hidden gems and coins along the way.

Pixel Gun 3D Offline Mode

There are 4 Worlds in the campaign and each particular world has different chapters. To make things exciting, each chapter has unique bosses and monsters to take down. There are also clan activities that take place in the game. Lastly, it’s best to participate regularly to load up on those rewards.

Pixel Gun 3D entails using different maps in which each player decides which weapon to use. During a match, you can take a look at your armory. Then, you can use this to your advantage because you can adapt to the situation and win.

As with any video game, updates are important to have something to look forward to each playing day. Pixel Gun 3D recently released their version 21.0 update and it is going to surprise players of the game. Read on to know more about the latest update of this intense action game for your PC!

New Events to Join in Pixel Gun 3D Version 21.0

With the latest update, new events await all players of Pixel Gun 3D. These are special features of a game, usually in a limited time period. Also, it makes the gameplay experience of the player a lot better. Make sure to give them a shot!

  • Battle Pass – this is where you will find challenges that will give rewards once you complete them. In the latest update, your task is to seek immortality while teaming up with the strongest Vikings and their prophet.
  • Loki Lottery – in this event, you get to experience Loki’s and Fenrir’s powerful Arsenal in the game. Check out what you will get in the chest opening.
  • Odin Event – to counter the misdeeds of Loki, seek the help of Odin and Arsenal.
  • Battle Valkyrie Van – win the battle and never show your fear. That is the theme for this battle and you have to prove that you are indeed worthy to go to Valhalla.

Additional Modes to Check Out

Aside from the upcoming events in this particular update, there are new modes that players can enjoy. In Pixel Gun 3D, the developers made sure that their player base won’t get tired of the game through this.

Impostor Mode

In this mode, the fun will be doubled because of the presence of two impostors. Each impostor will be appearing per game, so you need to be efficient. Especially during emergency meetings to check who those two impostors are in every game. It’s a battle of wits and skills in this mode!

Pixel Gun 3D Impostor Mode


Private Matches

As we all know, private matches require a password to start matches. Therefore, those who have the password can go and fight in this special mode. The custom settings in this latest update have also been improved.

New Maps to Explore in Pixel Gun 3D

Players love the game because there are unique maps to play and venture on. Each map has its own quirks and knowing them beforehand is important to win. In the latest update, here are the newest maps to explore:

Pixel Gun 3D Hippo


  • Sky Islands – this is the biggest island and has different enemies and bosses. In this update, this was already added to the sandbox mode of the game.
  • Aqua Park – this multiplayer mode has also been recently added to the sandbox mode. As its name implies, it is a fun water park with a compact layout. Therefore, the best weapons to use here are close to medium range.
  • Scary Pizzeria – this map has vents for you to enter and lots of rooms to take out enemies that roam. Different strategies may also be used here as the rooms have their own functions. The enemies that you will encounter on this map are the Hippo, Terrifying Penguin, and more.
  • Asgard – a multiplayer map that takes place in one of the Nine Worlds, which is Asgard. It is set up above the sky and benefits those who will use close-range weapons. This is only available in this most recent update.

Do you want to experience the intense action in this game? Download Pixel Gun 3D today on your PC and show no fear!