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Pixel Gun 3D Updates: Impostors, Holiday Cheers & Cyberpunk

Hands down to one of the most iconic multiplayer video games you can play online, Pixel Gun 3D. One of the game’s main selling points comes from its various multiplayer modes, themes, and seasonal updates. This match is a unique combination of gameplay features and mechanics that lured over 100 million players since its launch in 2014.

Today, Pixel Gun 3D is aging like fine wine. Thanks to its developers’ effort, who work tirelessly to develop new contents, features, and items making the game fresh and stable simultaneously. Like clockwork, the developers make sure that the game receives two version updates each month.

The best part of these updates is that each version works great with the old ones. Thus, allowing the player to enjoy seamless and immersive gaming anytime. On the other hand, Pixel Gun 3D game updates are as innovative as previous months’ updates. Part of what makes the latest updates unique is that they come with holiday themes. So, let’s try and check out the new patch notes of Pixel Gun 3D for free! 

Pixel Gun 3D free to play mode


Pixel Gun 3D Holiday 2020 Patch Notes

For players who are waiting for this new update, you got to stay alert! Christmas gets doomed and all the elves are not here! Let us save the holiday together in the recent 20.1.0 holiday update.

New Game Events

The Battle Pass will allow you to become a part of the Santa rescue adventure! This event will also bring an available Elf Special Forces lottery! In this part, you will get the chance to become the coolest elf in the land! Also, a new lotto will allow you to get the power of the Dragon Cult Shaman. What’s best, the Holiday vans are now available for you to catch!

New & Exciting Game Features

A Free Play mode is now available. You can now drive  a car, shoot, or explore the world with other players. Creating a custom private matches for those playing with their own guidelines is also now available in the game! Plus, the winter theme is now in Battle Royale! In this feature, six maps are improved for you to have fun and enjoy! 

Pixel 3D among us game


Pixel Gun 3D Game Version 19.1.0

Players be alert! Imposters are operating among us! We need to find them all in this latest feature! 

A new imposter mode allows you and other players to play the game with Among Us iconic mechanics. Like the previous game, you will be trapped in the Spaceship along with other players. Your mission is to accomplish the various tasks to keep the ship in working order. But the  problem is that a traitor could infiltrate your ship, and you must eliminate the impostor before it destroys your ship. Besides, this version also includes Bug fixes for known issues.

Version 19.0.1

Prepare to jump Into the grim neon future with Update 19.0! This part is the beginning of the Cyberpunk Season. In this phase, you can explore a city and move around every place. See more updates here:

  • The BLOQ Director is now Set. The BLOQ is Mega Corporation that needs its ruler.
  • A Gang Union Lottery is now available. Enjoy the game as the best gang of the future shares its weapon stash directly to you.
  • A Police Drone Van is now available to keep watch on the chaos brewing on the surface.
  • With a Battle Pass, you can purchase levels without Elite Pass, model-independent tasks, and much more!
  • Bug fixes for previous issues are also made in this update.


Pixel Gun 3D Cyberpunk

As mentioned in the patch notes above, Pixel Gun 3D received three themed updates from November to December 2020. The first November update comes with the Cyberpunk theme that features futuristic elements similar to the recently launched Cyberpunk 2077 game. Then in the second half of November, the game got another piece by Among Us, one of the biggest multiplayer games of 2020.

Version 20.0.1, also called the December update, comes with the most content, which is a great way to end the year. Pixel Gun 3D went all out on their final update of the year. Some of the most notable takeaways for the update include the free play mode that allows you and your friends to freely explore the Pixel Gun 3D world.

Also, the custom private matches that will enable you to restrict other players and start your own game with your friends. You can also set your own rules for private partners. If you haven’t tried playing this game for real, then, why not look into this how to play guide for a starter?

Overall, if you are tired of the same old online game and still doesn’t have any idea about Pixel Gun 3D, then change your ways now! Download and play this Pixel Gun 3D for free now!