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The Best Guns To Use in Pixel 3D If You’re a Beginner

It’s not always fun being a beginner in video games, especially if these video games are competitive multiplayer games. Pixel Gun 3D falls under this category since the game is played with other players. It’s a first-person multiplayer shooter game where you get to play with people from different parts of the world. It offers a lot of different game modes for you to play, but most of them are modes where you battle against other players.

Pixel Gun 3D Weapon Selections

Since it’s a shooting game, guns will be your primary weapon here. The problem is that the game has about 800 different guns available. Of course, most of them are locked and will require that you unlock them using gold coins. But as a beginner, what are the best guns that you can use to help you through the game? Let’s discuss in this article the 5 best games that you can use if you’re a beginner in Pixel Gun 3D.

The Best Guns for Beginners in the Pixel Gun 3D

When you start playing, you won’t really have access to a lot of guns in Pixel Gun 3D. But as you increase your level, more guns become unlocked for you to acquire. Now you will have 6 different slots for guns, primary weapon, backup, melee, special, sniper, and heavy. The list won’t be providing guns for each slot, it will just list the 5 best guns you can start with. With that said, below are the 5 best guns that you can acquire if you’re a beginner.

Pixel Gun 3D Cassanova Gun



It’s a Legendary primary weapon that is available at level 1 and costs 120 gold. It’s an automatic weapon with a high fire rate, silenced, and has a 4x Zoom. It’s a great weapon that you can get and invest in if you have enough coins. What’s great about it is that it’s a weapon that’s not hard to use.

Fast Death

Another good weapon to have if you’re a beginner is Fast Death. It’s a backup rapid-firing pistol that also has good mobility. It’s a weapon that you can use for mid to short-range battle and is available at level 6. It costs 45 gold coins.

Automatic Peacemaker

This is another good primary weapon to have that’s available at level 8 and costs 100 gold coins. It’s a gun that has high damage, a good fire rate, and large magazine capacity. It’s a weapon though that’s not suited for a long-range fight, so make sure you’re close enough to enemies when using it.

Rocket Jumper

This is a heavy weapon that’s available at level 2 and costs 3 gold coins. It’s a weapon that shoots rockets at fast speed and has no self-damage. It also has a high fire rate and area damage effect, good for taking out large groups. You can also use it for rocket jump to help reach high areas.

Snow Storm

A special weapon that’s available at level 6 and costs 45 gold coins. What’s great about it is that it shoots snow that has gravitational force, sucking enemies into the weapon nozzle. It can deal area damage, as well as slow down enemies’ mobility, making it easier to shoot them with the primary weapon.

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