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Battle of the Finest: Is Pixel Gun 3D a Pay-To-Win Game?

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Pixel Gun 3D is a fun and exciting first-person action shooting game that you can play. What makes it a fun game is its competitive gameplay. In this game, you get to play with other players in various game modes like Deathmatch, Duel, and so on. What’s interesting about this game is that it features about 800 different weapons for you to use in matches.

However, these weapons are locked. You need to reach a certain level first to unlock them then, purchase them using either the gold coins or gems. This method of only making weapons available by purchasing them has many people saying Pixel Gun 3D is a pay-to-win game. But is this game really pay-to-win? Let’s see.

What You Can Buy in Pixel Gun 3D Using Real Money

Most of the things that you can buy with real money in Pixel Gun 3D are gems and gold coins, which are in-game currencies. Surely, the game offers several deals or starter packs, once in a while, that includes several weapons and armor. But most of the microtransactions would revolve around buying gems and coins. Both of these in-game currencies can be earned for free, however, it will take a while to save up to purchase a powerful weapon.

Pixel Gun 3D Purchase Gems

This is because you can only earn a few of them, especially in the case of gems. You would have to grind for hours if you want to earn many coins and gems in the game.

Where are Gems & Coins Used?

Gems and Coins are used to purchase weapons, as well as outfits, gadgets, and many more. All of these things aren’t available for free, so these in-game currencies are very important. You will need to save up a lot of them if you want to use powerful gear in-game. This is actually one of the many concerns and issues that people are saying about Pixel Gun 3D.

Since weapons and gear can only be obtained via purchasing them using coins and gems, not everyone can easily use them during matches. You can grind and spend many hours playing the game to earn enough coins and gems to be able to buy some of the powerful weapons. But if you want a faster way, spending money is your only option.

Powerful Weapons Give Unfair Advantage

Unfortunately, players who are capable of spending money to purchase gems and coins, and use them to buy powerful weapons. This will enable them to gain an advantage throughout the course. Of course, free-to-play players might win some matches because of their skills. But that is a rare occurrence since some of these expensive weapons in Pixel Gun 3D can be ridiculously overpowered. When this happens, it allows even the least powerful player to get consistent kills.

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Is Pixel Gun 3D Pay-to-Win?

Based on how Pixel Gun 3D works, it’s safe to say that it is pretty much a pay-to-win game. People with money will always have an unfair advantage since they can easily acquire the most powerful weapons available in the game. So playing against them in multiplayer matches can be frustrating, especially if you’re a free-to-play player.

The battle royale mode is a good game mode to play. But this is applicable if you want a fair match since players can’t carry their weapons into the match. It’s a typical battle royale game where every player will start with nothing and would have to scour the map for weapons and gear. You can still acquire powerful weapons without spending money, but you will need to invest time in playing the game often and earning rewards. Download the game here and experience the world of Pixel Gun 3D!