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Everything You Need to Know About Pixel Gun 3D Skins

Are you ready to experience explosive gameplay? Do you want to enjoy a battle royale experience with your friends and other people from all over the world? Then, Pixel Gun 3D is your ultimate friend! Here, you get to enjoy blocky graphics, competitive multiplayer gameplay, and so much more. And one favorite element that you can enjoy is the hundreds of powerful weapons to choose from to equip your pixel character. But aside from that, you can also let them wear various skins to differentiate them from other players. So if you want to know more about Pixel Gun 3D skins, learn more here!

Once you play the game, you’ll encounter more than 800 weapons, 40 useful gadgets and gizmos, ten various game modes, ten exciting mini-games, more than a hundred wonderfully-made maps, and the ultimate zombie-survival campaign.

Aside from those, you will want your pixel character to look their best while they’re on the battlefield. So, why not try various cool skins for your Pixel Gun 3D character. If you’re not familiar with the skins yet, or yet to find the best one because you’re new to the game, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the skins, free trivia, and how to make cool skins for Pixel Gun 3D here.

pixel gun 3d skins


What are Skins in Pixel Gun 3D?

Skins are also known as the cosmetic texture in Pixel Gun 3D. These are like the costumes that your characters will wear throughout the game that you can change whenever you want. You can create your own skin, which is one way to showcase your creativity. But 130 pre-made skins are already available in the game. So, if you don’t like making your skin, it will cost you 20 coins to get them. But the best way to become unique is making your own out of the items available to you..

The skins in PG3D don’t have any additional effects during your battles. However, certain skins can help you move stealthily across the map since some skins make it harder for the enemies to see you. This means that aside from making your character look good, it can help you in certain aspects of the game while you’re playing. Fit in by having your character wear a skin, either by creating one or buying one from the pre-made Pixel Gun skins available in the game!

How to Make Your Own Pixel Gun 3D Skins

First, you can only make your own skin in the Skin Maker by buying it for 50 coins. The Skin Maker is your one-stop shop to showcase your creativity and become unique. It will also teach you tricks to make different accessories, such as Gloves and more. Once you have it, you can create an infinite amount of skins! Plus, you get to create many other items, such as your boots, clothes, and your character’s face, too.

At first, it will involve a lot of trial and error, so you might want to play the game to see how it goes on your end. For example, the Glove is one of the trickiest parts because you need to do it over and over again to ensure that you get the right fit. To do it properly, you must link the skin of the hand to the front, right, and half the back of your skin’s arm. You can also add an additional 2×1 on the right side of the arm.

For the Boots or Shoes, you can start by making the left view of your shoes on the right side of the leg up to the left side of the leg. You can then make the back view of the shoes on the backside of the leg and the front part to the front side of the leg. The left view is placed on both right and left because the left view is flipped to become the right view.

Next, the torso or the body is also easy, but the bottom part is shifted to the right and might look awkward. So, you can make the bottom part of it 1x move on the left, unless you want to add more details like a jacket, etc. Finally, the face needs to be aligned with the hair, and make sure there is nothing that will make it upside down or placed in the wrong place.

Fun PG3D Skin Trivia

There are tons of trivia relating to the skins in Pixel Gun 3D. Like about the fact that most of the skins are based on characters from popular movies and video games. Plus, the player with an avatar skin will look deformed upon death because their corpse will revert to the non-avatar version. It also happens whenever you make them wear items visible.

Another trivia you might want to know was when PG3D released the Newbie skin, and it had a similar look to the survivor. And then it changed to the current newbie skin with sunglasses. Then it reverted to the newbie skin that’s available now.


Skins are a way for you to showcase your creativity and originality. Create your skin with the help of the Skin Maker, and make endless skins that you can wear every time you play Pixel Gun 3D!